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Transformational  Freedom Coaching 

Holistic lifestyle and personal fitness coaching for women in Albuquerque, NM and online

Personal Freedom, for me, means so many things. Freedom of the shackles of limiting beliefs and self sabotage. Freedom from people pleasing behavior that leads to resentment. Developing the ability to calm anxious feelings and thoughts by shifting my mindset. Freedom of making my own schedule in life and work. Freedom through setting boundaries with others based on my personal values. Freedom through feeling freaking strong in my body. Freedom of speaking up for what I want and need. Freedom of saying no. Freedom of chasing my goals and dreams!



About Rachel

Rachel is a native New Mexican, Board Certified Nurse Coach with over 25 years of experience in healthcare who has a passion for helping Women FEEL their very best! Rachel believes that all Women have their own power to take control of their health and re-discover their true identity. Rachel is the catalyst to radical self-love!


I help transforming mid-age women on the path to finding vitality and freedom in life who may be stuck in their limiting beliefs or habits. Through healthy lifestyle and mindfulness frameworks, we co-create an accountability plan to cultivate lasting clarity, confidence and vitality while feeling amazing in your skin!


Group Coaching

Rachel's next group coaching container is now accepting applications. A 12 week LIVE virtual Women’s group program for Women 35 years old and beyond who are ready to ditch the need to numb life so they can gain lasting clarity, vibrant energy, and feel the best they have ever felt in their own skin!


Who I Help

Motivated individuals who are committed to making positive changes in their lives.  Those who are willing to go deep into vulnerable areas, places where no one has dared them to go before, harnessing self healing.  


Those who are approaching middle age life, seeking to create who they want to be, creating the life of fulfillment.  Fulfillment in mind, body, and soul.  Those who are not scared to try new things, who seek to be unapologetically playful in their life.  Those seeking to nourish their body through movement and nutrition while enjoying and trusting the process.


Those who want an accountability partner as a catalyst to reach desired goals and self healing.  Someone that desires another to walk alongside them, who relates to what they are going through and challenges them to keep going.


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