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Dear Shadow...

Do you know the shadow that I am speaking of here?

It's like the pieces of the mind flayer from the past, past trauma, past experiences, past decisions, etc.

Or maybe the shadow is the compacted box of feelings that have been shoved to the depths of your Being, hoping to never surface again...

For me the shadow is all of the above, and more.

Over the past year, I have slowly pulled it out and sat with it. Sure, it's painful, however, necessary.

My sobriety and my willingness to do really difficult things have brought my shadow to the surface, I could no longer avoid it.

The result? Blood, Sweat, Tears and Freedom. And a true relationship with God.

#choseyourhard #shadow #freedom #pain #sobriety #courage #midlife

Spirit Quote Image Text:

Dear shadow, I am sorry to have ignored you for so long, out of fear and blindness. I must always know that you are a part of my soul, a part that has stayed dormant and hidden. It is scary to come to vision, fear of hurting self and others. I love you with all of my being and I welcome you to the light. you complete me above all external things.

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