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Freedom Coaching Testimonial from Jacinta

My life seemed overwhelming and I felt like I had little control over it. Coaching sessions have allowed me to focus on boundary setting and completing small action steps that are taking me closer to living the life I desire.

I love that coaching is a judgment-free safe space. If I didn’t meet my weekly goals we talk about it, figure out what my obstacles were, and what realistic steps I can take that will help me meet my goals the following week.

Learning to set boundaries has been my biggest takeaway so far. Understand that trying to please everyone does not result in a fulfilled life for myself. Instead, it causes me resentment and bitterness. Rachel continues to help me understand how setting boundaries with others directly correlates with living a less stressed and more balanced life.

My biggest insight has been that through hard work and persistence, I can live the life that I see for myself. I do not have to accept a life of busyness and constant pursuit of acceptance that has become the norm in our society.

I feel like it’s so easy for moms to get lost in the needs of their family and the societal expectations placed on them (look put together all the time, have a clean house, have perfectly behaved kids that are involved in every extracurricular activity ever invited). The space that you provide through your coaching sessions allows moms, such as me, to focus on our personal needs and guides us in making the changes necessary to live a life free of the expectations of others.

-- Jacinta G., New Mexico

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