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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Testimonial from Jayce

My life was thrown into complete chaos at the beginning of 2021. I caught my wife cheating and she subsequently left, divorce, restricted access to my child, separation of homes and families. As a result of all of the stress I developed debilitating depression, a drinking problem, I was losing friends, my healthy lifestyle went out the window and I had little hope of climbing out of this pit of despair. I knew I wanted to change, to get back to a healthy lifestyle and routine but I couldn’t see how to get there on my own.

Working with Rachel was truly transformative for me. We discussed where I was at openly and honestly, holding nothing back. Laid out my goals, the WHY behind the goals, then together developed a road map for progress. Rachel has a way of asking important questions, answers we know, but often hide from ourselves. The consistency of our meetings, a new healthy routine, sharing of experiences, and accountability were tremendous help in getting me moving in the right direction. There was never any judgment for shortcomings, for missing the mark, for slips. Only continued encouragement, positive reinforcement, and support from a coach that truly wants you to grow and become the best, happiest, healthiest version of yourself for yourself.

The insights I have taken away are to truly challenge myself, to ask the WHYs, to set small goals, to check in with myself, and most importantly that I can manifest the changes in myself. A slip or all out fall doesn't have to stop me. I can pick myself up the next day, the next minute, and start over again.

Finding the light in someone during such a desperate time of my life has truly saved me and put me back on a path to wellness. It’s not a highway, more of a bumpy dirt trail, but a beautiful journey nonetheless.

-- Jayce M., 37, New Mexico

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