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Slow down to speed up...

If you are like the past me, you go so fast ALL THE TIME that most things are done half ass and without awareness (that’s my experience anyway).

This turbo speed through life causes anxiety, depression, fatigue, poor self esteem, resentment, (you get it…the list is long).

What if you were able to slow down? What if you could remove the chaotic busy-ness and listen.

Stop, take a deep breath, or two or three or 20. You have the time, fo shizzel. Will you take it?

It doesn’t matter what you get done in a day or what you “DO”. It’s the heart and soul in which you do it.

Find your breath, slow down. Seek Freedom. I love you.

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Spirit Quote Image Text:

Slow down to speed up. Slow down to speed up. Slow down thoughts, slow down actions to speed up awareness and living in the moment. Quality over quantity. Savor the moment over plowing through, unaware. Speed up fulfillment, speed up contentment. Speed up calm, speed up Joy.

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