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Sobriety Coaching Testimonial from Keely

Before working with Rachel, I was lost, trying to make positive changes in my life but having a hard time with consistency. I was getting so down on myself about my shortcomings. Rachel helped me get clear on my goals by helping me sort through my fears and sharing lots of positive affirmations.

I liked how she challenged my thinking so I can see the other side which led to different decisions. I am more relaxed and self-assured now because I know my goals and have reminders around me of what's truly important to me. I am feeling healthier in my body as she provided a framework for how to feel my best with reasonable nutrition & exercise goals. I would 100% recommend Rachel as a life coach to improve all aspects of their health!

The biggest insights that I had working with Rachel is that I am craving a radically authentic life, full of self-love, an abundantly rich internal experience, outside of the flawed boxes I was putting myself in... and that I'm well on my way to the life of my dreams!

Since starting to work with Rachel in a coaching container, I am happy to share that I've accomplished all the goals we've established together: move out on my own, lose 50 pounds, become a stronger athlete in my sport, and have a full 6 months totally sober.

The mental clarity I am currently experiencing is unmatched. I am moving differently in the world and really honoring myself and my values. I am forever grateful for this experience and encourage anyone who is sober curious to work with Rachel!

-- Keely B., 32, Missouri

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