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To be brave is exhausting...

Updated: Jul 20

How many times have you found motivation to do the scary thing, only to fall to the limiting belief and lies within your head?

Our brain wants to keep us safe at all costs. It takes much effort and courage to do the scary thing. Even the smallest thing, like asking to work from home one day a week, trying out your first CrossFit class, or spending that money to improve your health and quality of life!

If you elect to ALWAYS fall back on what is familiar and comfortable, what does the vision of your future look like 3, 5, 10, 20 years into the future?

I challenge you to visualize the growth, liberation, balance, and Freedom of electing to do the scary thing, day after day. Undoubtedly, you will KNOW that ANYTHING is possible.

I love you, my friends.

#dothescarything #courage #faith #freedom #comfortkills #bravery #growth

Spirit Quote Image Text:

It is quite easy to go with the flow, to stay with comfort. To be brave is exhausting. However, what is comfortable and stagnant only brings sorrow to the heart. That which is difficult finds liberation, balance, and worth.

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