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What if you could see past the buzz?

Updated: Jul 9

What up, amazing WOMAN!!

If there is one huge realization from deciding to break my relationship with alcohol it would be that my dreams have NEVER been a joke.

Alcohol was very efficient at preventing me from claiming what was meant for me for 31 years.

I have been doing much reflecting over the last few weeks on my experiences through the buzzed lens. WOW. These are going to go into a book someday…

It is already truly amazing how we let our ego brain, or limiting beliefs, control our everyday lives and guide our decisions (or lack there of). However, when there is alcohol involved, it’s like I’m not there…I am living my limiting beliefs and wholeheartedly believe that they are truth, no wiggle room. Funny thing is, the very reason I drank alcohol was to quiet those thoughts and gain “liquid courage” (more like liquid narcissism)…crazy right!? You don’t know, what you don’t know.

My realizations did not come to clarity until I decided to go sober. This took over 5 years to fully happen. Why? It is a process of shifting your identity, grieving what will be and is lost in the process, fear of losing “fun” in life, losing relationships, and some other stuff here…

I initially said “I’ll try one year”. I was hesitant on saying “forever” as I was simply trying to dissect the relationship I currently had with alcohol. The WHYs behind it…after using it for so long.

Sure, its been a rough road through the last year and a half. Grieving my past identity, grieving friendships, grieving alcohol… This grieving pain is far more rewarding when it settles than the pain of shame, guilt, regret, resentment, (insert very long list here) from those countless mornings of cottonmouth, splitting headache, and fatigue…

And guess what, I feel the BEST I HAVE EVER FELT IN MY BODY EVER!!!!! I am 46 years old, I have immense clarity, I have stellar energy, massive confidence, unwavering Faith in the Divine Light, I can climb mountains, start my own business, boldly be seen and heard, validate myself, guide others down the path of transformation, deadlift over 210lbs more than 4 times unbroken, compete in CrossFit, have awareness of what I am doing to my body, and there is NO STOPPING ME FROM MY DREAMS, BABY!

Do you find yourself scared to give up this habit because it is a part of your identity and it has been for a VERY long time. How else will you find “fun” or peace in such a busy, stressful life?

What if you had a safe place, alongside other women experiencing similar struggles, to dissect this relationship with alcohol? With food? With exercise? With relationships? With busyness (AKA-lack of peace)? A place where you can safely explore the WHY behind this/these habit(s) and make an empowered decision to change it if you so choose.

I have traveled this road, my beautiful friend. It is a beast, however, I did not have a guide when starting my journey toward exploring identity shifting through sobriety. Yeah, I tried all the things like AA, women-specific AA groups, books, etc. I found myself fitting “outside the box” with many of the stories, strategies, and suggestions that I witnessed and read. I truly wish I had had a coach to help me navigate this curiosity I had with “What would life be like without numbing it?”.


I am creating a LIVE virtual Women’s group coaching program!!

It’s specifically for Women 35 years young and beyond who are ready to say goodbye to fatigue and habitual numbing habits so they can step into vibrant energy and feel the best in their bodies and lives!

The program is 12 weeks long and split into 3 phases.

By the end of the program, you can expect to experience lasting habit change, clarity, confidence, vitality and FREEDOM while feeling amazing in your skin!

Here are some of the details of this exciting program:

  • Starts early September

  • Price $700

  • 3 Month Commitment (possibility to continue after this)

  • Access to modules on nutrition, movement, and hormones

  • 9 Virtual Group Calls

  • Private social group space to support one another outside of our calls

  • One book to read during the duration of our time together

  • A personal guide to walk with you, never behind or in front, who has been on the frontlines of habitual alcohol use and busy-ness (yes, keeping busy to avoid feelings, emotions, other, etc. is a way to numb) as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, employee, etc.

Your dreams are NOT a joke. Claim what is meant for you.


Space is limited! Schedule your 60-minute application call now!

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