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When I started working with Rachel I was awaiting a date for surgery to have my entire colon removed due to my Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and the high risk of colon cancer. I was extremely depressed, withdrawn, defeated, exhausted, and desperate. Desperate for a different route, a different plan, a different perspective, a different approach. On top of my UC I have a myriad of other health issues such as Fibromyalgia, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, C-Spine and degenerative discs, Migraines,  Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, PTSD to name a few. I have seen 12 different specialists over the last 5 years, spent over a year in physical therapy, 6 months with a chiropractor, and undergone and taken many infusions, injections, nerve ablations, medications, hours of therapy and treatment. The roller coaster ride of physical anguish and mental torture was and has been unbearable. I was struggling to keep up at work, struggling to be the dad I wanted to be to 3 daughters, and failing to be the husband my wife deserved. 

Here is the good news. I have discovered all is not lost. My life is not over and I don’t have to suffer. I can live a full and productive life with purpose, joy , and love. In fact I already had all of those things going for me. I just needed to get out of my own way to realize it. I had to get out of my own head and my thoughts and re-write my story. That is where Rachel came in. She helped me to retrain my brain which in turn re-directed my thoughts or my “ stories “ into positive and realistic thoughts. I was a serial abuser of myself. In my head I beat myself up daily for all things that were wrong with me physically and for all of the things I felt I wasn’t able to do or wasn’t doing . The reality was, I was an extremely talented, loving, caring and all around awesome dude who was juggling an insane amount of challenges that anyone else would have thrown in the towel if given the same challenges. She changed my entire outlook on my circumstance, my situation, my life. You may be asking yourself “HOW” . My answer would be very simple “she got me out of my own head “. Through a few hour-long sessions utilizing some simple meditation/breathing techniques to get me relaxed and in the moment, Rachel simply listened to me vent, talk about my problems, and re-directed my thought process on what the problems truly were. I can’t control my physical ailments, but I can absolutely control how I react to them, how I deal with them, and how I live my life with them. It was such a different approach compared to the conventional medical standard of treatment which is take this pill, try this injection, or we recommend surgery. I say I was desperate……yes desperate for a different approach to my treatment and desperate for a different perspective and that is exactly what Rachel provided. She provided hope over fear, resilience over prescriptions,  control over counseling, and most of all compassion over compulsion. 

I had never heard of Nurse Coach until I saw the ad on FB. I had no idea what it was about but I will tell you I am so glad I was desperate to try anything because it has changed my life. I would highly recommend this approach to anyone that is struggling in their life with mental health, just day to day stressors, health problems, or just needs a mentor or help with life. Rachel’s approach is non-judgmental, compassionate, and non structured. You are in charge of how and where you go in every session which is refreshing and there is no pressure like with a traditional medical professional where you have 10 minutes and they rush you out the door for the next patient. I now feel like I have control of my life. I know how to set realistic goals and stick to them for my benefit. I am slowly regaining control at work again. My family has seen a dramatic change in my overall mood and happiness day to day. I am so grateful I found Rachel, she is a fantastic Nurse Coach.

Jeffrey L., 45, Virginia

Before working with Rachel, my life was the usual hustle and bustle of a mom, with two young kids, working part time as a nurse. Trying to balance my work and home life has always been a challenge, but throw in a global pandemic, and changes were happening EVERYWHERE. On top of work challenges, family life was changing too, as a new baby was on the way. I found myself feeling overwhelmed, undermotivated, and stressed over all the things beyond my control. The anxiety I had been working on for the last several years was peaking and I was feeling very lost and frustrated. Enter Rachel and the beginning of a deeper understanding of myself; including what motivates me, what thought processes serve me well, as well as the ones that do not, and a closer look at the habitual things that affect my mental and physical health daily. 

Rachel has an innate ability to draw you inward, to find your center, and feel safe expressing yourself without fear of judgment and criticism. On top of that, she catches you when you judge and criticize yourself too, which I so very desperately needed! I am a constant thinker, and I had no idea how frequently I was negatively reflecting on myself! Rachel was able to help me see the real, authentic, ME. Not the image of myself I held in my head, or the often unreachable standards I think many of us hold ourselves to, but ME. Rachel has been a light in the murky struggle of recent life, showing me the things worth celebrating, and the benefits of the work I have put into understanding myself deeper.  

Throughout our coaching sessions, Rachel helped me find my genuine voice; free from judgment of what others may think of me. She allowed me to be centered and honest, while allowing me to remain in total control of my emotional and physical journey. But most of all, Rachel was honest, and kept me honest too. She reminded me that the work needing to be done was mine to own, and that she was there to support me along the way. Through this, I was able to truly reflect, understand my perspective, and find my power in how I perceive and how I react to the situations in life that can be stressful and unpredictable. I learned that I don’t have to be perfect to be a great mother, or wife or nurse. I just have to be present and true to who I am at my core. Life is messy, but beautiful, you just have to get out of your own way to realize it. 

I think anyone who is struggling to find the joy and celebrations in their everyday life, anyone who is struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, depressive thoughts, and feelings of inadequacy, or anyone feeling lost or frustrated in today’s very chaotic world, should definitely look at coaching. Specifically, if you are not sure of why you are struggling, seek some time with Rachel. She can help you get to the root of how you are feeling, without judgment or any selfish motivation. She can support you as you discover more about yourself and help you set goals on where you would like to be in the future. She can help you get out of your own way and find clearer direction, improved motivation, and a more authentic perspective on where you are.

 Jenny F., 35, New Mexico

Working with Rachel over the last several weeks has given me knowledge and strategies that have helped me create a more narrowed approach to the changes I want to make in my life.  

Rachel’s coaching has helped me to identify my readiness for change and my ability to do hard things. Learning to use new or different language in my own story has put me on a refreshed path to positivity and balance. 

Rachel and the many hats she wears, are empowering me to craft my own solutions in a more healthy way. By helping me to peel back a few layers, she has shown me a different picture of myself so I can better understand what motivates the behaviors I am working on. 

I enjoy working with her in a safe and nonjudgmental way. I would recommend her coaching to anyone willing to delve inside to do some hard work on themselves.

 Amber O., 45, New Mexico

Rachel brings such a calm and kind energy to each coaching session. She continuously created a safe space for me to explore and gently guided and empowered me to look inward and create goals for myself. It was the encouragement I needed to facilitate change. Going through these sessions has given me confidence in my choices and helped me adjust my language in order to speak to myself with kindness and less judgment. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, but especially those who are feeling stuck in some way and are looking for a loving and non-judgmental environment. 

Laura C., 36, New Mexico

My life was thrown into complete chaos at the beginning of 2021. I caught my wife cheating and she subsequently left, divorce, restricted access to my child, separation of homes and families. As a result of all of the stress I developed debilitating depression, a drinking problem, I was losing friends, my healthy lifestyle went out the window and I had little hope of climbing out of this pit of despair. I knew I wanted to change, to get back to a healthy lifestyle and routine but I couldn’t see how to get there on my own. Working with Rachel was truly transformative for me. We discussed where I was at openly and honestly, holding nothing back. Laid out my goals, the WHY behind the goals, then together developed a road map for progress. Rachel has a way of asking important questions, answers we know, but often hide from ourselves. The consistency of our meetings, a new healthy routine, sharing of experiences, and accountability were tremendous help in getting me moving in the right direction. There was never any judgment for shortcomings, for missing the mark, for slips. Only continued encouragement, positive reinforcement, and support from a coach that truly wants you to grow and become the best, happiest, healthiest version of yourself for yourself. The insights I have taken away are to truly challenge myself, to ask the WHYs, to set small goals, to check in with myself, and most importantly that I can manifest the changes in myself. A slip or all out fall doesn't have to stop me. I can pick myself up the next day, the next minute, and start over again. Finding the light in someone during such a desperate time of my life has truly saved me and put me back on a path to wellness. It’s not a highway, more of a bumpy dirt trail, but a beautiful journey nonetheless.

Jayce M., 37, New Mexico

Before working with Rachel, I was lost, trying to make positive changes in my life but having a hard time with consistency. I was getting so down on myself about my shortcomings. Rachel helped me get clear on my goals by helping me sort through my fears and sharing lots of positive affirmations. 

I liked how she challenged my thinking so I can see the other side which led to different decisions. I am more relaxed and self-assured now because I know my goals and have reminders around me of what's truly important to me. I am feeling healthier in my body as she provided a framework for how to feel my best with reasonable nutrition & exercise goals. I would 100% recommend Rachel as a life coach to improve all aspects of their health!  

The biggest insights that I had working with Rachel is that I am craving a radically authentic life, full of self love, an abundantly rich internal experience, outside of society's boxes... and that I'm well on my way to the life of my dreams!

Keely B., 30, Missouri

My life seemed overwhelming and I felt like I had little control over it. Coaching sessions have allowed me to focus on boundary setting and completing small action steps that are taking me closer to living the life I desire.

I love that coaching is a judgment-free safe space. If I didn’t meet my weekly goals we talk about it, figure out what my obstacles were, and what realistic steps I can take that will help me meet my goals the following week.

Learning to set boundaries has been my biggest takeaway so far. Understand that trying to please everyone does not result in a fulfilled life for myself. Instead, it causes me resentment and bitterness. Rachel continues to help me understand how setting boundaries with others directly correlates with living a less stressed and more balanced life.

My biggest insight has been that through hard work and persistence, I can live the life that I see for myself. I do not have to accept a life of busyness and constant pursuit of acceptance that has become the norm in our society.

I feel like it’s so easy for moms to get lost in the needs of their family and the societal expectations placed on them (look put together all the time, have a clean house, have perfectly behaved kids that are involved in every extracurricular activity ever invited). The space that you provide through your coaching sessions allows moms, such as me, to focus on our personal needs and guides us in making the changes necessary to live a life free of the expectations of others.

Jacinta G., New Mexico

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